The Fort McMurray Airport is the largest airport serving northern Alberta.  More than one million people used the airline in 2016 and the numbers are continuing to rise on a daily basis. The airport is smaller than many other airports since there are no international flights departing the airport. If you are using this airport in the near future, there are a few important facts to keep in mind to ensure a safe, successful departure.

Plenty to See & Do

When you’re at the airport, whether waiting for your flight to depart or waiting on your transportation, you can take advantage of a variety of services. The Ft. McMurray Airport has several restaurants and shops inside. Vending machines are also available.

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Cannabis at the Airport

Cannabis is now legal in Canada. However, it is not legal to be in possession of cannabis at the airport. Thus, you may not bring cannabis into any aircraft either. Be sure to leave your cannabis behind because you could be arrested if found in possession of marijuana at the airport.

Parking at the Airport

Passengers have both short-term and long-term parking options for their vehicle at the Ft. McMurray Airport. Rates for vehicle parking vary and must be paid in advance. Parking can be reserved in advance at a discounted rate or can be arranged the day of arrival at the airport.

Arrange Airport Transportation

To ensure fast departure and arrival at the airport, be sure to arrange airport transportation fort mcmurray before arrival. Shuttles and other types of transportation make it easy to get where you need to be right on time. It’s far less of a burden to schedule personal transportation that wait for a taxi cab or other public transportation options.