The toilet is made of two parts: the bowl and the upper tank. The bowl sits on the floor while the upper tank holds water that helps flush the toilet. Each of the components is built solid so that it lasts for many years. However, problems can and will occur over its lifetime that need repair. The toilet can sustain problems in either of the pieces with or without notice. The bowl is responsible for the majority of the issues, however. Some of the most common problems that require repair:

·    Trouble With the Ballcock: The Ballcock is also called a refill valve. It is responsible for providing pressure that delivers fresh water into the tank. Usually problems with the ballcock require nothing more than a replacement.

·    Running Toilet: When the toilet won’t stop running, you’re wasting a lot of water, but also increasing wear and tear on the unit and risking a number of additional problems.

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·    Flush Valve: The flush valve is located in the center of the tank. When the toilet is flushed, the valve helps release it from the tank so that it can go into the pipes. Many problems with this component can stop the tank from properly flushing.

·    Clogged Toilet: A clogged toilet is a frustrating problem. When the toilet is clogged, flushing doesn’t easily happen and odors and messes occur very fast. Sometimes a plunger will remove the clog but sometimes the expertise of a plumber is needed to resolve the problem.

Many of the issues listed here are easy to repair yourself. However, some are not, especially if you lack the tools and expertise to make the repair. For such occasions, professionals are there to provide top-notch toilet repair geneva il that gets your toilet back to normal function once again!